Alcasa Industrial Floors - The name for quality flooring

Through our experience in the industrial flooring industrial floor area you can be sure,

dthat we can also create your floor professionally, reliably and in a very short time.

Our range of services includes:

  • Installation of concrete floors for car parks, underground car parks, Industrial halls, sports halls, warehouses and Production halls, workshops and airport halls.
  • To pull off the concrete use our experienced Employees laser-guided machines. (see picture on right)
  • Stress marks on bonding to 1.000 m2 daily output
  • Interference hard daily output to 2,000 m2  
  • Smoothing work on concrete built on site
  • Smoothing work of us built concrete
  • Fresh in fresh concrete laying daily output to 2,000 m2
  • Installation of steel fiber reinforced concrete
  • Broom finish for desired roughness
  • Lay Eisenmatten
  • Lay styrofoam plates / Flamingo
  • Construction beam reinforced concrete floor slabs and concrete slabs
  • On concrete additive and Pi blankets for park homes
  • Concrete placement with integrated floor heating
  • Installation of industrial floor
  • Joints cut + shed
  • Surface treatment with standard hard materials according to DIN 1100

wage benefits

  • Concrete placement including Glättarbeiten to 2500m2 ( 500 m3 ) than daily services ( advanced services in consultation with AG )
  • Installation of ceiling concrete
  • Concrete for exterior surfaces
  • Concrete paving - ramps
  • Concrete placement gem. DIN 18202 Line 3
  • Concrete placement in Slope
  • Hard material interference
  • Hard material layers fresh un fresh
  • Smoothing work , concrete paving services by foreign power AG
  • Korodur interference with delivery including smoothing work ( concrete placement services foreign power AG )
  • Execution broom finish depending on requirements
  • Laying of PE - films
  • Laying insulation
  • Laying of reinforcement
  • Mounting profiles
  • Execution of joint interface or in cooperation with foreign company
  • Casting the joint only in cooperation with a foreign company

Delivery material

  • For the interference of the Fa , Korodur - HE 3 , bagged 25 kg
  • For the hard material layer of the Fa . Korodur - HE 65 in sacks with 35 kg or silo
  • Insulation in consultation with AG
  • Reinforcement in consultation with AG / in cooperation with suppliers and publishers
  • PE film ( base sheet or cover sheet )
  • edge strips
  • Profiles e.g. KS - Profiles

Power of authority

  • Delivery of concrete
  • Concrete pumps frame Tung
  • concrete monitoring
  • Examination of all inputs
  • shuttering
  • put recesses
  • Sealing of deck joints / edge joints in the shell
  • Instruction by the site management of the AG
  • Marking the peak of + / - 00
  • Ensuring material stockyard
  • Ensuring the intermediate transport
  • Providing - water connection and electricity 16

For large-scale projects can be equipped and used for the concrete installation and for surface finishing / smoothing , separate columns with the necessary machine technology . Our service offer is valid throughout Europe join to us . Challenge us , we convince you with Quality, speed ..

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Floor of a parking deck.

industrial floor in a production hall.

Industrial floor for a warehouse.

Industrial floor for a warehouse.

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